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Tips on colouring digi stamps with Derwent Inktense Pencils or Distress Inks to avoid bleeding

1 Print your chosen digital stamp on your printer mine is a Canon printer and I use the manufacturers inks. I use Derwent Watercolour Paper or Fabriano Artistico Watercolour paper with my Inktense Pencils and  any good quality Hot Press Watercolour Paper with my Distress inks.

2 Once you've printed your image take your heat gun and  heat the image be careful not to scorch it .Do this for a few minutes then put it to one side for about 5 minutes then repeat the process twice more leaving about 5 minutes each time. 

3 Now leave your image to dry thoroughly I leave mine near the radiator in my Craft Room but not on it as it will warp the paper.I usually leave about 24 hours.

4 Once it is completely dry then I spray with hairspray to seal the image then leave to dry for a short time.

5 You can then paint your image

6 This seems to work for me and prevents the images from bleeding.

I hope you find this useful hugs Carole x

Rolled Flower Tutorial


This is what we are going to make .The ones shown above are made using light weight card, paper, vellum and parchment paper.



These are the tools you need. A circle ( this can be any diameter I've used two inch the larger or smaller the circle will give a smaller or larger flower).If you don't have a die cutting machine a jar lid or circle template will be fine to cut around to  make a circle. A pair of scissors, Quilling tool (Don't worry if you don't have one a pair of tweezers works well )  High Tack glue .



Now to start making our flower cut approximately a quarter of an inch into the circle see above then start cutting around the circle to form spiral. The deeper you cut into the circle then the higher your flower will be. I find this depth works well if you want to attach it to a card.



  After cutting your circle into a spiral lay it flat on a clean surface a craft mat is great.



Slot you quilling tool into the end of your spiral and start rolling towards you ( I'm afraid I'm left handed so right handers will reverse the card but roll up in the same way)


Keep rolling till you get to the centre you should have the centre piece left. see picture above



Take the rolled circle from the quilling tool or tweezers and let it relax on the craft mat .This is important as this will determine the width of the finished flower



Lift your flower slightly and put a good dollop of the High Tack glue onto the centre see above photo. I use a cocktail stick as I find it stops the glue going onto the front of your flower.


Now pick the flower up between you finger and thumb and hold till it sets. See the photo above.


This is what your flower will look like when you put it down.


If you want to make a frilled flower then cut a scalloped circle then cut into the circle with decorative scissors  see photo above and then follow the same process as for the straight cut flower.. You will need a scalloped circle template to cut around. If you have a die cutting machine like a Big Shot or Cuttlebug  you can make this shape with a scalloped circle die 



This is a picture of some vellum flowers attached to a card I made. The more you make the better your flowers will become.
Good luck and if you have problems leave a comment and I will reply.



Just set up this new page and I hope to put a tutorial on very soon on how to make rolled flowers from a circle.


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    1. It's beautiful flowers, thank you for showing how to make them.

    2. Thank you hope you enjoy making them Love Carole x

  2. I like these kinds of flowers and haven't had any success, but then again, I wasn't doing it like you show here. I'm going to give it another shot the next time I sit still in my craft room. I really like how these look. Thanks much for posting this. Hugs, Gail

  3. Hi Carole, thank you so much for the tip and link about printing and watercolouring digi stamps. I will definitely give it a go when I get chance. Hugs x


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